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KunShan Source Mall Import & Export Co.,Ltd is a professional and reliable industry and trade integration company. The production company was founded in 2007 and the trading company was founded in 2012.
It specialized in Providing enamel pins, challenge coins, key chains, medals, bottle openers, belt buckles, cufflinks, tie clips, golf series metal crafts, and also supply lanyards, embroidery patches, PVC relative promotional gifts. Chen Yi, the founder and general manager of the company, has been in business for more than 20 years. The original intention of the company is to provide customers with better quality and service.

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With more than 15 years manufacturer experience, Our King Gifts Manufacture covers more than 2,000 square meters areas, and has more than 40 experienced employees, and also we have advanced equipment excellent technology, professional and responsible teams.


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March birthday party

Every month, the King Gifts manufacturer will hold a birthday party for the employees whose birthday is that month. As a company with a history of 15 years, we hope that every employee can enjoy the benefits of the company while the company is developing, so that every e...

Badge Craft Knowledge<

Badge Craft Knowledge

We know that there are many types of badges, such as paint badges, enamel badges, printed badges, etc. As a lightweight and compact handicraft, in recent years, badges have become more and more widely used. It can be used as a Identity, brand logo, many important commemorative, publicity and gift...

How to wear the badge<

How to wear the badge

As a lightweight and compact jewelry, badges can be used as identity, brand logos, some important commemorations, publicity and gift activities, etc., and often wear badges as a way. Mastering the correct way to wear the badge is not only related to your identity mark, but also related to your ce...

How do medal badges last for a long time<

How do medal badges last for a long time

Medals and badges are the testimony of honor and a “special gift”. They are not only the proof of our honor on the field, but also the hard work and sweat of the winners. Its “hard-won” is only awarded Only people can understand that it is precisely because of its specialn...

Common little knowledge of badges<

Common little knowledge of badges

The badge making process is generally divided into stamping, die-casting, hydraulic, corrosion, etc., among which stamping and die-casting are more common. Color treatment The coloring process is divided into enamel (cloisonne), imitation enamel, baking varnish, glue, printing, etc. The materials...